The successful restoration of a wooden boat requires balance. First, our designers and builders carefully research the project, looking at original plans and methods. The new owners’ requirements are paramount, and upgrades and changes can be married to accurate period details. Visit us to see what we are currently working on in the shop.


At the beginning of the global pandemic LATIFA paused a long-range cruise and returned to Rockport Marine for a systems refit, interior joinery, cosmetics upgrade, and a rig inspection.

William Underwood

The WILLIAM UNDERWOOD is a sardine carrier, built in 1941 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, at the Simms Brothers yard.


Perseverance combines a classic aesthetic with modern systems and interior. She is a simple and ideal New England boat.


ADVENTURESS was designed and built by Fife and Son at the Fife Yard in Fairlie, Scotland in 1924.

Trade Wind

TRADE WIND was originally built in 1938 for a discerning owner who wanted an elegant floating home.

Concordia Yawls

103 Concordia Yawls were built between 1938 and 1966.  A dozen of these iconic boats entrust their annual care to Rockport Marine. 


BOLERO is known on both sides of the Atlantic as a superb ocean racer.

Structural Repairs

Almost every winter we have multiple yachts in our main shop receiving structural repairs.  Some projects are small and routine, others are larger and more comprehensive.


The six-meter class, a group of one-design racers that compete to this day, attracted designers such as Herreshoff, Fife and Sparkman and Stephens.


Ninety-year-old BERNICE came to Rockport Marine for a complete restoration.