Restoring a classic yacht usually starts on the drawing table to get the details just right and incorporate modern updates and modifications seamlessly. The designer is called upon to serve as historian, archivist, artist, and engineer. Each successful classic yacht restoration requires research, documentation, and seamless transition of new design elements into the original design. It must all be undertaken with a degree of deference and respect for the integrity of the vessel and original intent of the designer.

Each vessel responds to the ravages of time and environment in different ways. Here at Rockport Marine Yacht Design a restoration begins with 3D laser measurement of the vessel in order to quantify with precision the degree to which the vessel differs from her original intended condition. Our restoration clients benefit from designers and builders working together to establish a restoration procedure customized to the vessel.

Rockport Marine Yacht Design maintains close working relationships with the curators of the world’s richest yacht design collections. Superlative restoration demands curiosity, diligence, and willingness to pursue the last degree of detail. Each of our restorations reflects a close collaboration with those most familiar with the designer’s work.

It is a rare project that is restored to truly original condition. Almost invariably a restoration incorporates reconfigured accommodations, modern electrical, and mechanical systems, and efforts to improve vessel performance. In each Rockport Marine Yacht Design is called upon to design and incorporate these variations so as to enhance the overall work.

William Underwood
Trade Wind