ADVENTURESS was designed and built by Fife and Son at the Fife Yard in Fairlie, Scotland in 1924. William Fife III, part of a line of distinguished boat designers and builders, was known for his balanced designs, and his yard is recognized for the quality of their craftsmanship. Fife III designed many racing and cruising boats, which are instantly recognizable by their elegant lines.

83-feet overall, ADVENTURESS was originally built as a Bermudian schooner. She has a lively history, including being seized and used by the Germans as a patrol boat in World War II. Towards the end of the war she was scuttled at the entrance of Ville Franche sur Mer, where she remained for several years. When she was raised, she was rigged as a ketch. She has spent almost her entire life in continuous service. One of the only large Fifes of her ilk in North America, Adventuress is a historically significant and beautiful vessel.