Rockport Marine was invited to prepare a new design for individuals interested in traveling between Rockport and nearby islands without regard to the limitations of the commercial ferry schedule. The design brief described a functional requirement that the boat must act as a shuttle and an aesthetic requirement that it should do so with grace and elegance. The design draws from the long heritage of working lobster boats and the yachts developed from them.

Perhaps one particular and long admired design by A.M. Deering provided greater influence than any other; from the sheer, dramatic tumblehome, nearly plumb stem and transom, pilothouse window arrangement, even the aft overhang and downward slope to the pilothouse top, we have drawn much inspiration from Mr. Deering’s strikingly beautiful 1935 effort. It is with homage to the work of all the designers and builders who have contributed to the lobster boat lineage that Rockport Marine is pleased to present Island Escort.


LOA:             43′-6″

Beam:           13′-8″

Draft Hull:   2′-6″

Disp.:            33,000

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