The W-Class 76-foot racing yacht, WHITE WINGS, was designed by the late Joel White to combine the elegance of the golden age of yachting with a modern  hull shape and construction method.  Above the waterline, the yacht looks like a New York 50, M-Class, or 12-Meter boat from the early 20th century. Beyond the graceful overhangs, the knife-sharp angled bow and gently curved tucked-up stern, is a 95-foot tall carbon fiber mast and modern underbody.

WHITE WINGS was commissioned by the Padanaram Yacht Company in an effort to revive one-design racing. Accommodations below are luxurious for racing standards. The wood composite hull is very light and stronger than fiberglass, lighter and more rigid than aluminum, easier to maintain than steel and much less costly than carbon-fiber. WHITE WINGS and her sistership WILD HORSES, built by Brooklin Boatyard, are a common sight on the racing circuit.