trusted tablets This is a boat is purpose-built for your favorite archipelago. With 4613 islands to its credit, Maine will do just fine, but so would Scotland, Greece, the Philippines, Indonesia, Finland, and the Bahamas. Slender and easily driven, LAYLA is powered with a slow-turning, high torque, Tier 3 compliant diesel from Lugger. The flare and added freeboard keep things dry forward while the reserve buoyancy aft will reduce the tendency to squat down by the stern as she approaches hull speed.

order now click here This is a boat for that couple with an abundance of time, a measure of wanderlust, access to an archipelago, and an inclination to proclaim beauty where they found it. Interior accommodations are tailored to suit the unique needs of each client. We are in discussion with a client interested in the first boat built to this design but we welcome inquiries from individuals interested in commissioning a sistership. click here
LOA: 54′ 9
LWL: 47′ 8
Beam: 13′ 4
Displacement: 49,400 lbs
Construction: Cold Molded or Traditional
Designed By: Rockport Marne Yacht Design
Boat Engine: Lugger 1064
Horsepower 140 hp @2500 rpm